What’s the difference between income and net worth?

Most people believe that income = wealth. Many people think that the bigger paycheck, the richer you are. When it comes to finances, there...

How to calculate net worth

If you have ever wanted to calculate your net worth inspired by celebrities or prominent personalities, you are not alone! All of us have...

How to beat the YouTube algorithm

Before we dive into the algorithm, let's set the scene. YouTube was founded on Valentine's day of 2005. The platform has since gone on to...

How YouTubers can earn more money

Have you been bingeing on YouTube singing or grinning at videos wondering how people can make money from it? If yes, then you are...

How YouTubers make money

YouTube, a user-driven video streaming platform, accumulated the most average monthly users more than competitors like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video Prime. Consequently, many tried to...

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