Alex Dolmatov Net Worth & Earnings

Alex Dolmatov is one of the most-viewed creators on YouTube, boasting 281 thousand subscribers. The YouTube channel Alex Dolmatov was founded in 2014 and is located in Russian Federation.

One common question we hear is: What is Alex Dolmatov's net worth or how much does Alex Dolmatov earn? We can never be certain of the exact amount, but here's our prediction.

What is Alex Dolmatov's net worth?

Alex Dolmatov has an estimated net worth of about $137.84 thousand.

Our site's data estimates Alex Dolmatov's net worth to be around $137.84 thousand. Although Alex Dolmatov's acutualized net worth is not known. Our website's industry expertise thinks Alex Dolmatov's net worth at $137.84 thousand, but Alex Dolmatov's actualized net worth is not known.

The $137.84 thousand forecast is only based on YouTube advertising revenue. In reality, Alex Dolmatov's net worth could possibly be much more. In fact, when including more income sources for a influencer, some sources place Alex Dolmatov's net worth as high as $192.98 thousand.

What could Alex Dolmatov buy with $137.84 thousand?

How much does Alex Dolmatov earn?

Alex Dolmatov earns an estimated $34.46 thousand a year.

You may be asking: How much does Alex Dolmatov earn?

When we look at the past 30 days, Alex Dolmatov's channel gets 574.35 thousand views each month and about 19.15 thousand views each day.

YouTube channels that are monetized earn revenue by playing ads. On average, YouTube channels earn between $3 to $7 for every one thousand video views. If Alex Dolmatov is within this range, Net Worth Spot estimates that Alex Dolmatov earns $2.3 thousand a month, totalling $34.46 thousand a year.

Some YouTube channels earn even more than $7 per thousand video views. On the higher end, Alex Dolmatov might earn as high as $62.03 thousand a year.

However, it's unusual for influencers to rely on a single source of revenue. Additional revenue sources like sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales and speaking gigs may generate much more revenue than ads.

What could Alex Dolmatov buy with $137.84 thousand?

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