BanderitaX Net Worth & Earnings

BanderitaX Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

With 14 million subscribers, BanderitaX is a popular channel on YouTube. The channel launched in 2013 and is based in Saudi Arabia.

One common question we hear is: What is BanderitaX's net worth or how much does BanderitaX earn? The YouTuber is silent about finances. Net Worth Spot could make a good forecast however.

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What is BanderitaX's net worth?

BanderitaX has an estimated net worth of about $15.49 million.

Although BanderitaX's actual net worth is not public known, Net Worth Spot sources online data to make a prediction of $15.49 million.

Net Spot Worth's estimate only uses one advertising source however. BanderitaX's net worth may actually be higher than $15.49 million. Considering these additional sources of income, BanderitaX could be worth closer to $21.69 million.

How much does BanderitaX earn?

BanderitaX earns an estimated $3.87 million a year.

Many fans ask how much does BanderitaX earn?

Each month, BanderitaX' YouTube channel attracts about 64.55 million views a month and around 2.15 million views each day.

If a channel is monetized through ads, it earns money for every thousand video views. YouTube channels may earn anywhere between $3 to $7 per one thousand video views. If BanderitaX is within this range, Net Worth Spot estimates that BanderitaX earns $258.2 thousand a month, totalling $3.87 million a year.

Our estimate may be low though. If BanderitaX earns on the higher end, video ads could earn BanderitaX close to $6.97 million a year.

YouTubers rarely have one source of income too. Additional revenue sources like sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales and speaking gigs may generate much more revenue than ads.

About BanderitaX

BanderitaX, a well-known YouTuber and content creator, has amassed a colossal following due to his entertaining and informative videos. Born on December 22, 1995, in Mexico City, Mexico, Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, his real name, grew up in a middle-class family and developed a passion for video games and technology from a young age.

In 2011, he launched his YouTube channel, initially uploading videos about Minecraft and other popular games. However, it was his series of videos about the popular game "League of Legends" that truly helped him gain a following. BanderitaX's videos are renowned for their humor, energy, and engaging commentary, which has helped him attract a loyal fan base.

Over the years, BanderitaX has expanded his content to include vlogs, challenges, and other types of videos. He has also collaborated with other popular YouTubers and has been featured in several online publications. BanderitaX is known for his positive attitude and his dedication to his fans, often taking the time to respond to comments and messages.

Today, BanderitaX is one of the most popular YouTubers in Mexico, with over 10 million subscribers and millions of views on his videos. He continues to create engaging content and inspire his fans with his positive message and infectious energy.

What could BanderitaX buy with $15.49 million?What could BanderitaX buy with $15.49 million?


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