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CBC Vancouver Net Worth & Earnings

CBC Vancouver Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

With 84.1 thousand subscribers, CBC Vancouver is a popular channel on YouTube. CBC Vancouver started in 2011 and is located in Canada.

There’s one question everybody wants answered: How does CBC Vancouver earn money? Using the viewership data on CBC Vancouver's channel, we can guess CBC Vancouver's net worth.

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What is CBC Vancouver's net worth?

CBC Vancouver has an estimated net worth of about $326 thousand.

CBC Vancouver's finalized net worth is not publicly known, but suspects it to be at roughly $326 thousand.

The $326 thousand forecast is only based on YouTube advertising revenue. Realistically, CBC Vancouver's net worth may actually be far higher. In fact, when including additional sources of income for a YouTube channel, some sources place CBC Vancouver's net worth as high as $456.4 thousand.

How much does CBC Vancouver earn?

CBC Vancouver earns an estimated $81.5 thousand a year.

Many fans ask how much does CBC Vancouver earn?

Each month, CBC Vancouver' YouTube channel attracts about 1.36 million views a month and more than 45.28 thousand views each day.

YouTube channels that are monetized earn revenue by serving. On average, YouTube channels earn between $3 to $7 for every one thousand video views. With this data, we predict the CBC Vancouver YouTube channel generates $5.43 thousand in ad revenue a month and $81.5 thousand a year.

$81.5 thousand a year may be a low estimate though. Optimistically, CBC Vancouver could earn over $146.7 thousand a year.

CBC Vancouver likely has additional revenue sources. Additional revenue sources like sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales and speaking gigs may generate much more revenue than ads.

What could CBC Vancouver buy with $326 thousand?What could CBC Vancouver buy with $326 thousand?


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