Ivan Granatino Net Worth & Earnings

Ivan Granatino Net Worth & Earnings (2022)

Ivan Granatino is a well-known YouTube channel covering Music and has attracted 135 thousand subscribers on the platform. Ivan Granatino started in 2011 and is located in Italy.

There’s one question everybody wants answered: How does Ivan Granatino earn money? The YouTuber is pretty secretive about finances. Net Worth Spot can make a realistic prediction though.

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What is Ivan Granatino's net worth?

Ivan Granatino has an estimated net worth of about $208.15 thousand.

Ivan Granatino's real net worth is not publicly known, but estimates it to be at roughly $208.15 thousand.

Net Spot Worth's estimate only uses one income stream though. Ivan Granatino's net worth may actually be higher than $208.15 thousand. When we consider many sources of income, Ivan Granatino's net worth could be as high as $291.41 thousand.

How much does Ivan Granatino earn?

Ivan Granatino earns an estimated $52.04 thousand a year.

Ivan Granatino fans often ask the same question: How much does Ivan Granatino earn?

When we look at the past 30 days, Ivan Granatino's channel receives 867.29 thousand views each month and about 28.91 thousand views each day.

Monetized YouTube channels earn revenue by serving advertising for every one thousand video views. YouTubers can earn an average of between $3 to $7 per thousand video views. If Ivan Granatino is within this range, Net Worth Spot estimates that Ivan Granatino earns $3.47 thousand a month, totalling $52.04 thousand a year.

Some YouTube channels earn even more than $7 per thousand video views. If Ivan Granatino makes on the higher end, ad revenue could generate as much as $93.67 thousand a year.

However, it's uncommon for influencers to rely on a single source of revenue. Influencers may market their own products, secure sponsorships, or earn money with affiliate commissions.

What could Ivan Granatino buy with $208.15 thousand?


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