How old is Jeff Dunham?

Jeff Dunham Net Worth & Earnings (2022)

Jeff Dunham is a leading social media influencer widely known for uploading Comedy posts. Born in the year 1962 and located in the United States, Jeff Dunham is 61 years old as of today.

Let's talk a look at the question you could be probably thinking. How old is Jeff Dunham? Jeff Dunham resides in the United States and was born in the year 1962, which makes him 61 years old today.

When is Jeff Dunham's birthday?

Jeff Dunham's date of birth is April 18th, 1962. That means Jeff Dunham is 61 years as of today.

What is Jeff Dunham's astrological sign?

Jeff Dunham's birthday falls on April 18th, 1962. If you reference Jeff Dunham's birthday to the zodiac, that makes Jeff Dunham a Aries. That's because Jeff Dunham's birthday was between the dates of Aries on the astrology calendar, from 03-21 until 04-20.

Jeff Dunham's net worth


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