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How old is Louise Pentland?

Louise Pentland Net Worth & Earnings (2023)

Louise Pentland is a famous YouTube creator known for posting Howto & Style videos. Born in 1985, Louise Pentland is 39 years old as of this post.

You could be wondering: how old is Louise Pentland? Born in 1985, Louise Pentland is 39 years old today.

When is Louise Pentland's birthday?

Louise Pentland's birthday is April 28th, 1985. That means Louise Pentland is 39 years as of this post.

What is Louise Pentland's astrological sign?

Louise Pentland's date of birth is on April 28th, 1985.According to the astrology calendar, Louise Pentland is a Taurus. Louise Pentland's birthday occurred between 04-21 and 05-20, placing them among the dates for Taurus on the zodiac calendar.

How much does Louise Pentland make?


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