How old is Sungha Jung?

Sungha Jung Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

Sungha Jung is known as being one of the most well known Music influencers on YouTube. Sungha Jung was born in 1996, making him 28 years old today.

So, let's answer at the question you're asking. How old is Sungha Jung? Sungha Jung was born in 1996, which makes him 28 years old today.

When is Sungha Jung's birthday?

Sungha Jung's birthday is September 2nd, 1996. That means Sungha Jung is 28 years today.

What is Sungha Jung's astrological sign?

Sungha Jung was born on September 2nd, 1996.Referencing the zodiac calendar, Sungha Jung would be a Virgin. Sungha Jung's date of birth fell between 08-24 and 09-22, making them the dates for Virgin on the zodiac.

How much does Sungha Jung earn?


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