Rosa Negra Net Worth & Earnings

Rosa Negra Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

With 206 thousand subscribers, Rosa Negra is one of the most-viewed creators on YouTube. It started in 2018 and is based in Spain.

So, you may be asking: What is Rosa Negra's net worth? And how much does Rosa Negra earn? Using the subscriber data from Rosa Negra's channel, we can estimate Rosa Negra's earnings.

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What is Rosa Negra's net worth?

Rosa Negra has an estimated net worth of about $1.49 million.

Rosa Negra's real net worth is not exactly known, but our site Net Worth Spot suspects it to be over $1.49 million.

That estimate only uses one revenue source however. Rosa Negra's net worth may possibly be higher than $1.49 million. Considering these additional sources of revenue, Rosa Negra may be worth closer to $2.08 million.

How much does Rosa Negra earn?

Rosa Negra earns an estimated $372.06 thousand a year.

Many fans wonder how much does Rosa Negra earn?

The Rosa Negra YouTube channel attracts about 206.7 thousand views every day.

YouTube channels that are monetized earn revenue by serving. Monetized YouTube channels may earn $3 to $7 per every one thousand video views. Using these estimates, we can estimate that Rosa Negra earns $24.8 thousand a month, reaching $372.06 thousand a year.

Our estimate may be low though. If Rosa Negra makes on the higher end, ad revenue could earn Rosa Negra up to $669.7 thousand a year.

However, it's rare for influencers to rely on a single source of revenue. Influencers could promote their own products, have sponsors, or generate revenue with affiliate commissions.

What could Rosa Negra buy with $1.49 million?What could Rosa Negra buy with $1.49 million?


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